Amelia at 18 months

Dear Amelia,

At 18 months, we are starting to get a glimpse into your strong and feisty personality. Having an older brother, you easily stand up for yourself and always try to keep up with what he’s doing. Also, like most toddlers this age, you are extremely active. One minute you're running around the house and then the next second you've climbed on top of the coffee table or jumped on the couch - there's never a dull moment with you! You’re very eager to help out around the house. Feeding the dogs, find socks or other toys for Oliver and bringing me your empty plate are some of the things that make you proud. All three of us are trying to teach you new words and we know you understand everything we’re saying. I love to a question and hear you respond with a valley girl ‘yyyeaaaah’.  Purple is your favorite color (it's also the only color you can say).  You get really excited when you see other dogs and have the best wave (the queen's wave) when you greet people. At night, you ask for "brush?" to brush your teeth but we all know its just an excuse to eat fruity toothpaste. You love books right now. It’s sometimes hard to get you down to sleep because you pull out book after book and say, “dis wan” or “dat wan” and “more?” after we’re through. You're a big ball of energy and we couldn't love you more.