365 | February

A few of my favorite personal photos from the month of February. We started off the month with a family vacation to Brian Head, UT.  The kids loved playing in the snow and we all enjoyed taking day trips to see Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park

Oliver started baseball for the first time this month. It's a family affair; Grandpa is the team manager while George and his brother are the coaches.

A few moments from life at home. Amelia would get up right around sunset most mornings. The kids are having more interactive play with each other.  I'm just trying to capture it all as creatively as possible.

Adventures around town : We love exploring Descanso Gardens ahead of the cherry blossom festival. 

Pictured below: We bought Oliver a new bike on a whim, Oliver getting his haircut and Oliver's first purchase (candy buttons from Galco's).